Your Baby Week By Week

Your Baby Week By Week

Your Baby Week By Week

Those first few weeks with your newborn baby can be both overwhelming and exhausting – how should your baby be developing both cognitively and physically each week, and what are the common problems to look out for? To help ease you into your new journey, we’ve broken your baby’s development down week by week, from the milestones they will hit, to how much they should be eating and sleeping. 

Week 1

Baby Development Week One

Your tiny newborn might be a little wrinkled and squashed, but they'll be learning how to live in the world. They'll also be sleeping for up to 17 hours a day.

Week 2

Baby development week two

Your baby may still be losing weight as they're not used to feeding yet, however this will soon stop. Take a look at their nails - they'll probably need a trim!

Week 3

Baby development week three
Your baby's nervous system and muscle control is yet to mature, so you’ll find their movements to be jerky. Their skin should be peeling less this week.

Week 4

Baby development week four
As your baby reaches one month old, their hearing will be fully developed and their vision is improving. Your baby might still be a little cross eyed this week.

Week 5

Baby development week five
Get ready for the growth spurt! Babies will normally gain around 200 grams this week, so expect a hungrier baby and more nappy changes!

Week 6

Baby development week six
It's time for tummy time! Your baby might be able to lift their head this week, as their neck muscles develop. Their memory and hearing is also improving.

Week 7

Baby development week 7
Your baby has grown almost two inches since birth and is starting to look more like a little person. They're likely to start using their limbs more this week.

Week 8

Baby development week 8
By two months, your baby will have grown about two inches and you should notice fat pads on your baby's cheeks as their muscles get used to all that feeding.

Week 9

9 week baby development
As your baby starts to outgrow their moses basket and smile for the first time, that tiny newborn you brought home nine weeks ago has changed in so many ways.

Week 10

Baby development week 10
As your baby starts to fill out more, they'll start to realise they can use their arms and hands, meaning they'll be lots of grabbing at things this week.


Week 11

Week 11 baby development

As your baby starts kicking and punching, you'll notice they have more control. Now is a good time to prepare for that first immunisation appointment.

Week 12

Week 12 baby development

This week your baby will get their first set of jabs. You're also in for another growth spurt, which means crankiness, restlessness and a hungrier baby.